Getting Around

Moving around the island

There are only about 140kms of paved highways on the islands and many areas to camp in between the communities on the main highway. There is an extensive network of unpaved roads too, some suitable for a camper-van on short distances, and some definitely not advisable. You will want to inquire locally for information on the state of the roads and logging activity – check out the Visitor Information Centre in Queen Charlotte, Sandspit, Port Clements and Masset.

Unfortunately, there is no public transportation on island. Most communities do have a taxi service. There are several companies on island that will provide taxi services and tours.


Haida Gwaii Map


Cycling is a great way to experience a destination, as it slows you down, keeps you active, gets you places you may not get to by conventional motor vehicle, and puts you in direct contact with the elements and with people. Haida Gwaii has a very limited network of paved roads, which means that if you choose to stick to the pavement, you won’t necessarily be cycling all that much, and you also will have a hard time getting lost. There is a much more extensive network of unpaved roads, logging roads, backroads etc, that can take you much farther into the wilderness, though it is not for everybody.

Bike Rentals

Masset - Masset Bikes 250.626.8939
North Beach Surf Shop 250.626.7873
Bike RePsych

K’il Llnagaay Sandspit -
the Sandspit Visitor Centre 250.637.5362

Daajing Giids Queen Charlotte -
Echo Bay Lodge 250.637.1758
Bike RePsych
Green Coast Kayaking 250.637.1093



Vehicle Rentals

Sandspit K'il Llnagaay - Budget Car Rentals 250.637.5688

Queen Charlotte Daajing Giids - Budget Car & Truck Rentals 250.559.4641
Island Auto Rentals 250.559.4118
Haida Gwaii Vehicle & RV Rentals 250.637.1202

HlGaagilda Skidegate - Gwaii Taxi & Tours 250.559.2380 & mobile 250.637.1162
Longhouse Gift Shop - National Car Rentals pick up and drop off 250.626.3833
Haida Gwaii Scooter Rentals - 250.640.6474

Masset - National Car & Truck Rentals 250.626.7576
Rustic Car Rentals  250.626.3756