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Rose Spit - where the Hecate Strait meets Dixon Entrance - Photo: Owen Perry

The rainforest experience - moss carpeted paths, a lingering scent of fresh cedar and the sounds of silence - Photo: Owen Perry

Step into another world as you tour ancient Haida village sites in Gwaii Haanas - Photo: Owen Perry


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My Summer as a Youth Stewardship Coordinator on Haida Gwaii

By Colleen Fuhrman As I was combing the Hecate Strait Employment Development Society's job board this spring, my hopes were not high.  I was looking for that job that peaks your personal interests while also aligning with your professional goals. In my short experience as a Geography and...

I’ll Will Return

I recently visited Haida Gwaii (yeppers, I was the one who won the trip), what a beautiful experience.  Unfortunately, my permanent residence was under (and still is) evacuation alert due to all the forest fires in our province.  Haida Gwaii provided me with a great atomosphere to...

An Invitation to a Totem Raising

AN INVITATION TO A TOTEM RAISING My recent trip to Haida Gwaii was part of my mother’s bucket list. I was in charge of booking a rental house for my mother, stepfather, my 19-year-old twin sons and myself. I booked a house in Massett and the owners of...

Youth Stewardship Program - July 2017

By Caitlin Peerless When I first heard about the Haida Gwaii Youth Stewardship Program, I knew it would be the experience of a lifetime. Since starting work last week, I’ve done amazing activities that I would never have thought I’d get a chance to do. I...

I Am So Very Lucky. . .

Last month I was informed that I had won a trip to visit Haida Gwaii.  I did see the call display, however, at the time I was baking for our local, annual bake sale.  After I completed my baking tasks, I listened to Mary Lous' message...stating I...

Exploring Haida Gwaii

By Savannah Stuart                Haida Gwaii is often referred to as the Northern Galapagos- this is because of its beautiful lush forests meeting the edge of the Pacific Ocean. From Chanterelle scavenging in late summer, salmon runs...

Adventures of Tacocat on Haida Gwaii - Journey to a Snowy Sleeping Beauty

By Kaela Neil This is the third in a series of the adventures of Tacocat the Racecar, a pseudonym created by Austin, along with his artfully crafted cross-stitch car decoration to go along with it. A bunch of bumbling, easily excitable, semester students purchased the car as a way to...

Adventures of Tacocat on Haida Gwaii - Journey to Rennell Sound/Yakoun Lake

By Kaela Neil This is the second Haida Gwaii adventure conducted by a handful of rapscallions chasing beautiful views and new experiences. One place we had heard about in the month or so we had been on the island, was Rennell Sound, a bay on the wild west side of...

Adventures of Tacocat on Haida Gwaii - Journey to North Beach

By Kaela Neil This is the first in a series of the many adventures of Tacocat the Racecar, a pseudonym created by Austin, along with his artfully crafted cross-stitch car decoration to go along with it. A bunch of bumbling, easily excitable, semester students purchased the car as a way...

Cycle Tour to Haida Gwaii - the Edge of the World

By Jane Weiss For years a visit to Haida Gwaii has been on our wish list!  This archipelago off the Northwest Coast of British Columbia is remote, incredibly beautiful, relatively untouched and rich in Haida culture.  The fascinating history of the Haida people goes back to the great...

Moments in Haida Gwaii

View the images by Darwin Wan from the Queen Charlotte area as well as Jungle Beach.

Our Wedding Story

By Kayla and Elliott McLaughlin   My Great Grandpa, Trevor Williams, moved to Haida Gwaii in the early 1900’s and I’ve had family call Port Clements home ever since. I first visited these beautiful, serene islands when I was a young girl. Once Elliott and I became...

Full moon at Windy Bay

By Audrey Pearson   I watched the full moon rise at Windy Bay and went to bed with moonlight shining through my tent in the trees.  Haida Gwaii is full of such vignettes of the beauty of the natural world.

A Haida Experience

By Victoria   (Story & Video)   While growing up I never had the opportunity to enjoy the ocean scenery, I used to live in areas where I'd see mountains left, right and center. My mother always told me the ocean is her favourite place to be, and knowing...


By Laura Cuthbert   (Story)   I learned to speak Haida, when I was young, over dinners but the language slipped on my tongue like Altoid mints, and burned   Coughed to get rid of the extra vowels, choked up fish bones   Words, under a jagged bite, while Guusuu,...

The Year of the Storm

By Sylvia Willcox   (Story)   As I ponder and reminisce over the many Christmases that I have seen come and go, "The Year of the Storm" jumps immediately into my mind. The year was 1957.  I was eleven years old, and lived on Haida Gwaii, islands off the west...

Going to Paradise

By Melonie Shipman   Going to Paradise It started with sound. The Canadian Customs officer asked what was bringing me to Canada. I excitedly replied that I was joining eight other woman to kayak in Gwaii Haanas with Wild Women Expeditions. "Ah, you are going to paradise." Accented voices in...

Crisp Yakoun Morning

By Evan Quaas   Searching for elusive winter steelhead on a frosty, winter morning along the Yakoun River.

Haida Gwaii - Islands of Myth & Magic

By Kari Watkins   In September of 2008 I was so excited to visit Haida Gwaii, along with my aunt and dog.  I had heard of the Queen Charlotte Islands for many years and wondered what they were all about. After a long but pleasant ferry voyage from Port Hardy,...

Surfer Dog Retrieving

By Sheila Karrow  See Photo

A little bit of Christmas Magic

By Mary Helmer   I arrived at Balance Rock Christmas morning  just as Santa had finished his last Christmas deliveries for the night, as he headed off into the sunrise he turned and reached into his magic bag  pulling out a handfull of magical dust he sprinkled it...

Haida Gwaii Walks

By Stephanie Stacey   See Photos (3)

Paddling in Haida Gwaii

By Francois Clark   We spent two weeks in Haida Gwaii, with an independant 8 day kayak trip in Gwaii Hanaas.   Best travel in Canada!

Holiday time on Haida Gwaii

By Elsa Abbott   In August 2014 we travelled to Haida Gwaii on the ferry from Prince Rupert. We have been going to the island every year, sometimes two or three times for the past fifteen years. This year we were lucky to have our eleven year old grandson join us....

Beach treasures from Haida Gwaii

Elsa Abbott    (Video and Story)   So this is the song Charles made up after he found the eagle feathers, the lucky Louie's, the glass balls and the rolling pin. Charles is our 11 year old grandson and we took him with us to the island. We stayed...

Discovering Haida Gwaii - Part 2

By Jill Collins   Our first six days on Haida Gwaii were spent travelling, hiking, visiting museums, enjoying zodiac tours, discovering spectacular beaches, and meeting new people. Combine that with constantly carrying backpacks full of gear, clothing, food and water and you have four very tired adventurers.  These long...

Discovering Haida Gwaii - Part 1

By Jill Collins   The view before me was nothing less than spectacular.  Located at the northern tip of Graham Island on Haida Gwaii sits North Beach.  A remote coastline where the only thing between the ocean and forest is sand.  It is met with East Beach...

Sangan River and South Beach in June

By Kathy Brown   We were visiting Haida Gwaii for the first time in June 2014 and fell in love with so many beaches. South Beach with the Sangan River flowing into the ocean was certainly a favorite. The number of eagles also was spectacular - we plan on returning in 2015!

Haida Magic

By Rebecca McCool   Our first day on Haida Gwaii and we can feel the magic already! The land is so spiritual, so beautiful. We feel so welcomed by all, even this clever little raven who came out to greet us. He did not stay around for long, Just enough...

Tow Hill

By Moyna Macilroy   We live in Prince Rupert, but try to get over to Haida Gwaii as often as we can to visit and explore, and relax. It is the ulitmate holiday to spend time exploring the beaches and taking life easy for a few days! We can't...

Trip to Haida Gwaii

By Richard Ross   See Photos (5)   We had an awesome fishing and siteseeing visit to Haida Gwaii.

Magical Haida Gwaii

By Teresa Cameron   See Photos (5)

A traditional Haida meal!

By Michelle Ruelas   It was my daughter's dream to someday visit Haida Gwaii. My daughter Emma is Haida through her dad's side of the family and always wanted to visit. We finally were able to make this dream come true in September and it was everything hoped...

Our Massett Adventure - Attractions

By Gerold Lefler   I am not much of a story teller but I think it is suffice to say that we were enchanted by the mystery of the deep forests, the majesty of the eagles and the excitement of catching salmon, our trip was indeed a "once in a...

Our Massett Adventure - Eagles/Salmon

By Gerold Lefler   I am not much of a story teller but I think it is suffice to say that we were enchanted by the mystery of the deep forests, the majesty of the eagles and the excitement of catching salmon, our trip was indeed a "once in a...

The Pesuta Adventure

By Brenda and Terry Richardson   My lovely wife Brenda has a bucket list and she graciously lets me tag along on her adventures.....this adventure began one late September misty morning 2014. While visiting the forever breathtaking world of Haida Gwaii, we decided to make the trek out...

2014 trip to Haida Gwaii

By Stella   We spent 5 days on the beautiful island.  We stayed at the Breezeway Accommodations; very clean & quiet. we traveled from one end of the island to the other end, at times there were miles of ocean views and other times beautiful old growth forests. Everything is...


By Celine Oleary   (Story)   Well, I do not have a real story  or pictures yet  as I have never been there.  This is why I am sending this because If I win I shall be able to send pictures and a real story of my...

Sunset at Port Clements

By Diane Killman   Our first trip to Haida Gwaii was to celebrate our 40 wedding Anniversary. Beautiful Island!

Happy Holidays

By Alton Stewart   We had such an awesome time catching crabs and beach combing for agates and other treasures. What a place and the people are so friendly, everywhere we went from grey bay to North beach they made us feel welcomed. Can't wait to go back, I...

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