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What to do

Haida Gwaii is great for hardy adventurers, sports enthusiasts, or individuals, couples, and families who simply want to vacation in a relaxing environment and soak up culture.

Photo Credit: Moresby Explorers

Photo Credit: Haida Heritage Centre

Haida Gwaii offers endless recreational opportunities such as fishing, hiking, and camping in and around protected parks and reserves of diverse wildlife and flora.

Photo Credit: Anvil Cove Charters

It's also the only place in all of Northern British Columbia where travellers can surf.

Photo Credit: North Beach Surf Shop

Aboriginal sites and remarkable works of art make for good down time exploring.

Photo Credit: Haida Heritage Centre

Haida Gwaii Tourism

Adventures on the Land

Land Tours

Photo Credit: Haida Gwaii Photos


Hiellen Tours                                                      Old Massett              626-3337 ext 29

Tluu Xaada Naay Longhouse and Canoe Tour  Old Massett              626-5250

Delkatla Bay Birding Tours                                 Masset                     626-5015

Haida Gwaii Discovery Tours                              Masset                     866-626-3949866-626-3949

Kayak Haida Gwaii (Alan Lore)                          Port Clements           557-4602

Off the Beaten Path Tours                                 Queen Charlotte       559-7759

Kris May Guiding Services                                   Skidegate                 559-8432

“Skil Q’uas” Dick Bellis                                        Skidegate                559-8067

Photo Credit: Melinda Pick


Photo Credit: Haida Heritage Centre

Other Adventures!

Toby Sanmiya - Guided Tree Climbing Tours     Masset                     email: jumpingsan@hotmail.com

Photo Credit: Megan Romas



Eagle Transit                                                      Queen Charlotte     559-4461

Ron Souza Limo Service                                     Queen Charlotte      637-1459

Gwaii Taxi and Tours                                          Skidegate                559-8622


Photo Credit: Haida Gwaii Photos

Photo Credit: Haida Gwaii Photos

Adventures in the Water

Power Boat & Sailboat Adventures


Photo Credit: Moresby Explorers


Gwaii Haanas Guesthouse             Rose Harbour          559-8689

Haida Expeditions ltd                    Skidegate                  559-0014

  • (* New! Whale Watching)


Haida Style Expeditions                   Skidegate               637-1551

GNOSES Sailing Adventures           Queen Charlotte     svgnoses@gmail.com

Moresby Explorers                          Sandspit                  637-2215

Sail Piraeus Adventures                   Tlell                        360-6184

Salt Spray Explorers                          Tlell                        557-4453

Photo Credit: Moresby Explorers


Kayak Tours & Motherships        


Photo Credit: Anvil Cove Charters

(See Below for Kayak and Sporting Equipment Rentals)                        

Gwaii Haanas Guesthouse                    Rose Harbour                559-8689

Rose Harbour Guesthouse                    Rose Harbour               559-2326

Moresby Explorers                                 Sandspit                        637-2215

Anvil Cove Charters                              Queen Charlotte            559-8207

GNOSES Sailing Adventures                 Queen Charlotte         svgnoses@gmail.com

Green Coast Kayaking Ltd                    Queen Charlotte            559-4682

Kayak Haida Gwaii (Alan Lore)              Port Clements               557-4602

Kitgoro Kayaking                                   Queen Charlotte            638-2843

Bird’s Eye Kayak Services                      Masset                         626-5417

Kingfisher Wilderness Adventures                                              866-546-4347866-546-4347


Kayak and Sport Equipment Rentals


Photo Credit: Anvil Cove Charters

Gwaii Haanas Guesthouse                      Rose Harbour                559-8689

Moresby Explorers                                  Sandspit                       637-2215

North Beach Surf Shop                          Masset                            626-7873




Photo Credit: North Beach Surf Shop



North Beach Surf Shop                          Masset                            626-7873

North Beach Surf Shop provides instruction and guiding services as well as rentals/sales of watersport equipment (surfboards, wetsuits, & stand up paddleboards)


Fishing Charters


Photo Credit: West Wave Fishing Charters


Avid Sport Fishing                              Sandspit                  877-770-2843877-770-2843

Cartwright Sound Charters                 Sandspit                  250-637-2276250-637-2276

Sandspit Adventures                          Sandspit                  250-637-2210250-637-2210

Queen Charlotte Safaris                     Sandspit                  250-637-5788250-637-5788

Rick's Fishing Charters                       Sandspit                  250-637-5630250-637-5630

Captain Arch’s Fishin’ Ventures          Queen Charlotte      250-559-9055250-559-9055

Lone Wolf Fishing Charters                 Queen Charlotte      250-559-8836250-559-8836

Old Owl Charters                                 Queen Charlotte      250-559-7866250-559-7866  

West Wave Fishing                              Queen Charlotte      778-260-7171778-260-7171

Haida Fishing Charters                        Skidegate                 250-559-0061250-559-0061

Haida Style Expeditions                        Skidegate                 250-637-1551250-637-1551

Starlock Charters                                 Skidegate                 250-559-4760250-559-4760

Salt Spray Explorers                             Tlell                          250-557-4453250-557-4453

Eagle Crest Enterprises                       Port Clements           250-557-4541250-557-4541

Golden Spruce Charters                      Port Clements           250-557-4325250-557-4325

Kumdis River Lodge                             Port Clements           250-557-4217250-557-4217

Escott Sport Fishing                             Masset                      250-626-6076250-626-6076

Gerry’s Fishing Charters                      Masset                      250-626-3544250-626-3544

Hidden Island Charters                         Masset                      250-626-5286250-626-5286

Masset Fishing Adventures                  Masset                      250-626-5299250-626-5299

Naden Lodge                                       Masset                      250-626-3322250-626-3322

Pacific Silver Fishing Adventures         Masset                      250-626-3242250-626-3242

Super Sport Charter                             Masset                      250-626-3330250-626-3330

Brady’s Charters                                  Old Massett              250-626-7900250-626-7900

Ugoigo Fishing Charters                      Old Massett              250-626-5424250-626-5424


Haida Gwaii offers 150 kms of paved road that follows the coast from the Haida village of Old Massett down to the village of Queen Charlotte and approximately 20km on Moresby Island from the Alliford Bay ferry landing to the village of Sandspit.

BC Ferries charge $5 for bikes from Prince Rupert to Skidegate and $2 from Skidegate to Alliford Bay (Moresby Island to go to Sandspit).  BC Ferries prices subject to change.

The cycling club, Derailers in the Mist ride together out of Queen Charlotte and often organize a bike race called "Race to the Edge" in the summer time.  Check out their blog for further details. 

You can rent bikes at:

Moresby Explorers                                  Sandspit                    365 Beach rd    250-637-2215

Trip to Gwaii Haanas

Gwaii Haanas is a wilderness of hundreds of islands and islets, extending about 90 km from north to south.  The San Christoval Range forms its backbone, with peaks of up to 1,200 m in height.  Gwaii Haanas is surrounded by over 1,700 km of shoreline. 

On the western shore, surf batters against mountains that plunge steeply into the ocean. 

The eastern shore is gentler, with relatively protected waters.  Still, storms can bring winds of more than 100 km an hour (60 miles an hour) to the east coast. 

The west coast bears the brunt of Pacific storms, where winds have been recorded at speeds of nearly 200km and hour (120 miles an hour).  Anciet cedars, hemlocks and Sitka spruce tower over an undergrowth of salal, shrubs, fern and moss, patterning the forest with many shades of green.

Discover Haida traditions wile visiting the 5 Haida Gwaii Watchmen village sites:

K'uuna Llnagaay (Skedans)

T'aanuu Llnagaay (Tanu)

Hlk'yah GaawGa (Windy Bay)

Gandll K'in Gwaay.yaay (Hotspring Island)

SGang Gwaay (Ninstints, Anthony Island)

Before visiting Gwaii Haanas, independent travellers without a tour guide licensed by Gwaii Haanas, must make a reservation and pay an all inclusive entry fee.   All visitors are required to attend an orientation at least once every 3 years.  Visitor trip permits are issued at the orientations.  Make your reservation by calling the Gwaii Haanas Administration Office at 1-877-559-8818. 

For a list of licensed tour operators within Gwaii Haanas, visit the Gwaii Haanas website


The islands offer the excitement of surfing as well!

Surfing on Haida Gwaii is a well-kept secret!  Bring your board, wetsuit, gloves, hoodie and booties for this adventure or rent from the islands surf shop in Masset: North Beach Surf Shop (250) 626-SURF. 

The waves hit the islands for good surf primarily from October to May but swells keep the surf going the odd day in the summer.  The beaches best known for surfing are North Beach, the Hiellen, Jungle Beach and Rennel Sound.

The third annual Surfing Expression Session held on North Beach, November 1-5, 2011 was another success!  The 2011 event - The 'Smorgasboard' featured a variety of board sports. The annual event is becoming increasingly popular!  

Surfing Agate Beach and North Beach

Surfing Agate Beach You Tube Video Credit:

Surfing Queen Charlotte Islands North Beach You Tube Video Credit:

Surfing Queen Charlottes You Tube Video Credit:



Museums & Centres

The Haida Heritage Centre is an award winning cultural heritage centre in a 53,000 square foot cedar multi-complex consisting of five contemporary monumental timber longhouses. The Centre houses the expanded Haida Gwaii Museum, additional temporary exhibition space, two meeting rooms/classrooms, the Performing House, Canoe House, Bill Reid Teaching Centre, the Carving Shed, a gift shop and a small restaurant/cafe.  The Haida Gwaii Museum focuses on the Islands Natural History and traditional Haida Culture.





 Photo Credit: Haida Heritage Center

The official Grand Opening Ceremony took place on Saturday, August 23rd, 2008.


  Video Credit: Haida Heritage Center



Video Credit: Haida Heritage Center

Haida Gwaii Museum
Kaay Llnagaay ("Sea Lion Town") Second Beach Road.

The Haida Gwaii Museum is a non-profit organization with a 20 member board of directors representing all Haida Gwaii communities. The museum originally opened to the public in 1976 at Second Beach, Skidegate.  In 2008, the newly renovated 17,000 sq ft expanded museum was opened, as part of the new 53,000 sq ft Haida Heritage Centre. The Haida Gwaii Museum primarily focuses on Haida history and contemporary culture in the form of art, objects, knowledge and documentation.

The museum's permanent 'Exhibit Houses' include Greenhouse Atrium, Eating House, Saving Things House, Contact and Conflict, Keeping our Way of Life, Forest, Connections and Cycles/Natural History.

In addition, The museum organizes an annual visual arts program of workshops and temporary artist exhibits; educational programs in conjunction with School District #50; and a series of public programs aimed at Haida Gwaii visitors during the visitor season (May to September).

Four to six temporary exhibitions representing the work of contemporary artists from Haida Gwaii as well as artists from BC, Canada and international destinations are organized each year.

Open daily in the summer with reduced hours during the winter. Admission is $15 for adults, $10 for students, $5 for children 6-12, and free for children under 6.  Different hours during the winter months.

Box 1373, Skidegate, V0T 1S0
Ph: (250) 559-4643/ Fax: (250) 559-7886
E-mail: haidagwaiimuseum@skidegate.ca


Port Clements Museum

45 Bayview Ave
Box 417, Port Clements, VOT 1RO
Ph: (250) 557-4576
E-mail: pcmuseum@qcislands.net

The museum, run by the Port Clements Historical Society, opened in 1989. It focuses on the domestic, commercial and industrial machinery of the post-contact period on Haida Gwaii (essentially that of the 20th century), with a particular emphasis on Port Clements and its surrounding area. In line with its founding precepts, everything is out on display and everything is labeled.

Visitors are welcome to sit and browse photograph albums documenting logging equipment retrieval and life in short-lived islands communities such as Buckley Bay, Graham Centre and Dobbieville, as well as an extensive collection of newspaper clippings on the Golden Spruce, illegally felled in February 1997. The preserved White Raven, a rare albino, can be seen along with film footage from its all-too-brief life.

Outside on the museum's verandah, in the open-sided pavilion and scattered over the museum grounds are several gigantic pieces of logging equipment, farming equipment, boat motors, stump pullers and the 'mysterious device', believed to be a Russian sonar array.

The museum is open daily June through mid-September from 11am-4pm and on weekends the rest of the year from 2pm-4pm. Admission is $3 for teens and adults, children and PCHS members free.




Dixon Entrance Maritime Museum
2182 Collinson Ave
Masset, V0T 1M0
Ph: (250) 626-6066

The Dixon Entrance Maritime Museum is appropriately located in an historical building – that being the original Masset hospital, built in 1914. The building has also served as a school house, a teacherage and an alternative school.

The Dixon Entrance Maritime Museum was organized with leadership from David Phillips and a group of dedicated volunteers. The museum opened to the public in 2001 and continues to operate as a non-profit organization.

The focus of the museum is upon Greater Massett’s maritime and settlement history. The museum features exhibits of Masset and Old Massett’s fishing fleets and shipbuilders as well as the numerous clam and crab canneries (Tow Hill, Naden Harbour, Old Masset, Lock Port and Queen Charlotte).

The museum captures the history of the thriving north end communities in a time of abundance and hardship.

The museum displays include photographs and documentation from the turn of the century featuring medical  pioneers on Haida Gwaii,  Union Steamships as the mode of transportation to Haida Gwaii, pioneer life and military history.

The museum also features local art exhibits throughout the year.

Open daily June - September (1-5pm) and weekends in April– June (2-4pm) . Admission is $2.


Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary

1860 Trumpeter Drive

Masset, V0T 1M0

Ph: (250) 626-5015

A building ajacent to the wildlife sanctuary, it provides interesting information on local birds, nature interpretation and local art on display.  Open Thursday to Sunday 2pm-4pm.

Art Route Tour


'Click' on the Art Route icon for a tour!


Take the Art Route Tour! Meet the artists and experience their passion for this amazing place and its cultural history.



There are many Galleries and Artists/Artisans on the Islands.  Pick up a copy of the Art Route brochure produced by Haida Gwaii Tourism listing artisans islands-wide.  Some have dedicated storefronts, some work out of their home - all welcome you.  Enjoy the islands' hospitality!

Many carvers continue the Haida traditional techniques. Renowned artists such as Bill Reid, Robert Davidson, Reg Davidson, and Jim Hart have made great strides in showcasing Haida art and culture. The development of the Bill Reid Teaching Centre and Carving Shed within the Haida Heritage Centre at Kaay Llnagaay in Skidegate will be another asset for those wishing to discover the meaning of Haida forms while they visit the Islands.

Haida Gwaii (the Queen Charlotte Islands) has attracted many creative people who have come to enjoy the natural environment as inspiration for their creativity. The islands have attracted sculptors such as Lon Sharp, batik artist Betsy Cardell, water colour artists (Benita Saunders and Sheila Karrow), acrylic artists (Sheila Karrow and Kiki van der Heiden) and gemstone jeweller Dutes Dutheil.

Haida Gwaii Art Route

Featured Artists

More detail follows on some of the amazing artists featured in Art Route! Check it out!


Old Massett

Sarah’s Haida Art & Jewellery

My gallery is located in my home on beautiful Haida Gwaii formerly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands.  The gallery and my home meld together as one.

My late husband Claude Davidson’s son, Reg, gave us a carved door when he first started to carve wood. We designed and built the gallery in a Haida longhouse style to have it match the beautiful door. The gallery opened in 1975. The artists in the gallery are my friends and relatives. They are all of Haida ancestry and often sold some of their first pieces to me.

The gallery carries many carvings in gold, silver, copper, argillite, ivory, and wood as well as a large selection of woven cedar bark art pieces. We have a selection of printed sportswear and Haida regalia available as well as original paintings and limited edition prints and lots of art cards. The selection of northwest coast art books and natural history books is also extensive.

Sarah’s Haida Art & Jewellery gallery has been referred to as Old Massett’s unofficial visitor centre!

Located in Old Massett at 387 Eagle Ave, the gallery is open most days year round from 9 am -6pm. You are welcome to call and make an appointment at other times - 250-626-5560.

Please visit our website http://www.sarahshaidaarts.com/browseCatalog/?nPrdId=64857



Guy Kimola / Haida Gwaii Photos

Photo Credit: Haida Gwaii Photos

Guy Kimola was born and raised in Tofino on Vancouver Island. Island life provided ample opportunity for him to observe and develop his interest in the cycles of nature.

He spent ten years working as a fisherman on Vancouver Island prior to moving to Haida Gwaii in 1994.  Guy and his faithful companion (and frequent model for Haida Gwaii Photos), Brutus, reside on Tow Hill Road, surrounded by beach, rainforest and a small man-made lake. His commitment to living a simple life, allows him to fully pursue his passion and talent for photography.

Photo Credit: Haida Gwaii Photos

Guy's interest in wildlife, land/seascape, night and infrared are clearly portrayed on his Haida Gwaii Photos website (http://www.haidagwaiiphotos.com). His interpretation of nature as viewed through his lens, reflects a strong influence by Gary Larson (The Far Side) as can be seen in his 'someGuyinmasset' Panoramio site.

Photo Credit: Haida Gwaii Photos

Guy’s work has begun appearing in national publications. It is featured regularly by Haida Gwaii Tourism and has received recognition by Northern BC Tourism and Tourism BC.

Photo Credit: Haida Gwaii Photos

Guy’s work is on display at various venues on Haida Gwaii. Framed prints and photography services are available upon request. Guy can be contacted through his website.

Website: http://www.haidagwaiiphotos.com/

Panoramio: http://www.panoramio.com/user/1668798


Maryanne Wettlaufer

Photo Credit: Maryanne Wettlaufer

As a painter I use an expressive style which is my direct interpretation of how nature defines the Haida Gwaii landscape.

Photo Credit: Maryanne Wettlaufer

Windswept trees, clouds spiralling out of sight, waves lapping at the beach, eagles soaring in silent bliss - all very 'epic' sights! My paintings are sometimes whimsical, sometimes surreal, but because they are Haida Gwaii, they are always an adventure.

Photo Credit: Maryanne Wettlaufer

My days are filled with the challenge of conveying the emotions evoked by the boundless beauty of this special place onto a 2 dimensional surface - I love my 'job'!

Photo Credit: Maryanne Wettlaufer

Maryanne’s paintings can be viewed at  www.maryannewettlaufer.com . Her art cards are available as well as original paintings - please ‘click’ on the 'contact me' link on her website.



Dutes Dutheil - Crystal Cabin Gallery

Welcome to my world!  As a refugee of the early 70s arriving on Haida Gwaii was like coming home.

In those days youth travelled all around the country and found places to live off the land.

Like so many young people of that era leaving the politics and uptight urban lifestyle and reconnecting to the land was a cherished ambition. After several  years at north island the winds of change drifted me to civilised Tlell where I started building a home.  In those days work was fishing and then carpentry and anything that would pay. 

Lapidary work began  for me at the age of 12 when my father  built grinders and sanders to work with stone. Getting back into stone cutting in Tlell, I taught myself silverwork from books, learned gemstone faceting and finally went to goldsmithing.   First started selling what I made at craft shows and off island music  festivals and from a little cabin on Richardson Road. It was really great and things just grew and grew with the generous patronage of islanders. Today 20+ years later am still selling my “artisan jewellery” talismans and amulets at Crystal Cabin Gallery. This is my day job.Thanks so much, I am so grateful and a big H’awaa to all the kind islanders. You have taught me so much!

Check out the website www.crystalcabingallery.com


Ernie Burnett's Wood Carving Studio

Ernie’s wood carving studio is located on ‘Artisan Row’ in Tlell and was also featured in the Haida Gwaii Tourism Blog about ’Artisan Row

I was born in Vancouver in and lived there until the late 1960s. My desire to carve began in 1965. I am the last of many generations of woodcarvers with origins in England. It was necessary to teach myself and I have been honing my skills ever since.

My work consists of hand-carved boxes, trays, plaques and paddles almost all done in high quality salvaged red and yellow cedar. I only use clear finishes to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. The older woods and the fire-killed woods can have exquisite colors.

The style is basically my own but consists of 50% older European geometric designs which come from my head rather than books. The other half uses First Nations (mostly Haida) designs for their beauty and strength of character. These First Nations designs are generic in nature or from old museum pieces that haven’t been used in recent times.

Out of respect for the Haida, I do not carve poles, masks, rattles or other ceremonial items or Bent Wood Boxes. I regularly create new items to sell from my studio as well as custom orders.

Ernie can be contacted at (250) 557-4531


Janet Rigg - Sewn Art Canvases

Janet was born in 1977 into a family that long had the painting spirit.  Her Grandfather painted, her mother painted, and her uncle painted.  In her early teens she was the proud recipient of her Mother's oil painting supplies, which she immediately began to experiment with.  She still uses the same painting box today.

Janet completed two years of a Fine Arts degree from Concordia University in 2000.  In 2001 she began her Masters Degree in Art Therapy from the same university.  Exploring how the creation of art can heal and illuminate revealed to Janet important aspects of her dual identity of artist and therapist.  This led Janet to pledge to honour her art and always have it as central in her life.

In 2006, Janet moved from Montreal to the islands of Haida Gwaii, British Columbia. The incredible beauty and power of the Haida Gwaii landscape inspires each new piece.  Her art has been shown all over the Islands, regularly exhibiting at the All Islands Art Show.  She had a solo exhibition at Queen B’s in 2008 and regularly has works at Sitka Studio and All About U Arts. 

Janet is well known for her SewnArt canvases.  These paintings are part sculpture, part painting.  Randomly sewn together pieces of canvas create a textured backdrop, which guides how the painting is expressed and propels her two-dimensional painting into three dimensions.  There is a tension in her paintings as a result of the rough stitching pulling the canvas together and the image thus created.  Beautiful, constrained, surprising, and unique, each painting is a one-of-a-kind original.

Janet’s paintings can be seen online at www.sewnArt.ca.  When she isn’t painting, she is practicing Art Therapy www.JRcounselling.ca, organizing the Edge of the World Music Festival on Haida Gwaii www.edgefestival.com and caring for her two young children.


Jason Shafto - Full Moon Photo Studio

A native of southern Ontario, Jason realized he was a northerner at heart when he was in his early twenties.  In 1999 he moved to Haida Gwaii to live near the ocean in an isolated northern community, eat a lot of seafood, and become more connected with First Nations culture.  “Through hard work, persistence, and participation in local communities, the rest of my life has sort of naturally settled into place during my years here.”  Jason lives on a small farm in Tlell.     

Over the last few years he has been increasingly busy as a professional photographer, and is currently at an exciting point in his arts career where he finds himself practising his photography full-time.  He operates his business under the name of Full Moon Photo.

“As a photographer on Haida Gwaii I shift between commercial and creative photography. It's fair to say that there's a creative artistic element to my commercial photography.  I think it's also fair to say there's a commercial element to my art photography, too.  Finding an effective balance between the two is one of the greatest challenges I face as an artist entrepreneur.  Allowing myself the time to step away from the business aspect of my photography to be truly creative is much more difficult than one would think.”

Jason moves into a new studio on May 1st of 2012.  To stay informed on what he's up to with his business, check out his Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/fullmoonphoto

You can also check out Jason's photography on the Full Moon Photo website - http://fullmoonphoto.ca/  To contact Jason, visit the “Contact Us” page, also on the website.



All About U Arts

All About U Arts overlooks Skidegate Inlet in beautiful, supernatural Haida Gwaii. Owned and operated by Haida Carver Ben Davidson, the gallery showcases both contemporary and traditional artwork of the highest calibre.

Ben Davidson is a Haida artist who draws upon his traditional knowledge of Haida design to create innovative and unique contemporary pieces that are sought after by discerning collectors from all around the world.

Ben, whose Haida name is tlajang nang kingaas meaning “the one who is known far away,” is the son of internationally renowned Haida artist, Robert Davidson.

Ben has been immersed in the Haida art form from a very early age, and began carving at the age of sixteen, eventually completing a four-year apprenticeship with his father.

Ben has also worked with other artists such as Reg Davidson and John Livingston, and has provided several apprenticeships to other young Haida artists, and volunteered his services to many youth-oriented artistic projects, in his ongoing commitment to preserve and diversify the future of Haida art.

Specializing in wood sculpture, Ben has created an extensive portfolio of his carvings that continues to grow along with his artistic career.

His attention to detail, the meticulous design of his original pieces, and his passion to continually find new mediums to work with, has led Ben to further expand his carvings’ qualities, by reproducing their design using a specialized bronze cold cast process.

This process forms castings of his work that articulate the extraordinary details of his original carvings, yet by utilizing difference in colour and texture, cast them into a new and exciting art form that mirrors his original and at the same time, allows the new pieces to completely stand on their own.

This past year, Ben collaborated with local photographer Jason Shafto of New Moon Photography, to add yet another view of his carvings to form by using photography to reproduce images of his carvings and some of the castings on paper and canvas.

Ben has vast experience in two-dimensional designs and has recently added jewelry and engraving to his repertoire. Later this year, Ben will be releasing his first ever ‘paper’ print to introduce his latest design in one more medium. The much-anticipated design will be released and available in a limited edition printing, at his gallery mid 2012.

The All About U Arts Gallery presents collections of distinctive art that has been created here on Haida Gwaii.

Ben Davidson created this space with the primary intention to offer artists, visitors and islanders an opportunity to witness artwork of the highest quality, produced locally on the island, to be viewed locally on the island.

We encourage you to join us and see the work we currently have on display or contact us at 250.559.7864 and visit our website at http://allaboutuarts.ca/


Dolores (Dolly) Garza

Haida/Tlingit Artist:   Traditional Northwest Design in contemporary expressions

·        Spruce Root and Cedar Bark Basketry 

·        Raven’s Tail  and Chilkat Weaving 

·        Native design & appliqué

·        Beading

Sgang gwaay or Dolly Garza is a Haida-Tlingit basket and raven’s tail weaver. She was born in Ketchikan, Alaska. Following her matrilineal culture, she is Kaiganii Haida, from the Sxaalants clan with eagle, frog and sculpin crests. On her Tlingit father’s side she is Tiin-nei dee (Raven, dog salmon). She was also adopted to the L’uknax.ádi and given the name Xaat Sháawát which means Spruce Root Woman.

Sgang gwaay learned basket weaving from several Haida and Tlingit weavers including Delores Churchill, Teri Rofkar, Holly Churchill and Diane Douglas-Willard. She also apprenticed with Teri Rofkar for raven’s tail weaving. She has been weaving since the mid-1980s. She lives in Skidegate in Haida Gwaii.

Dolly has participated in the Heard Museum/TOCA Basketry Gathering since 1990 winning awards in the 2005 & 2006 Heard Museum/TOCA Basketry Gathering juried art show.

In addition, she won awards in 2009, 2010 and 2011 in the Heard Indian Market juried art shows. These included the Juror’s Choice ribbon (2009), First place in ‘Traditional Basketry’ (2010) and 2nd Place in ‘Textiles’ (2011).

Dolly was recently awarded First Place in ‘Twined Basketry’ and First Place in ‘Textiles-Cultural Attire’ at the Santa Fe Indian Market (2011).

Dolly is an annual participant in the Haida Gwaii Art Route Tour and can be contacted at dgarza@haidagwaii.net.


Queen Charlotte


Denis Bell

I am greatly inspired by the coastal landscapes of Haida Gwaii. If you see someone just standing and staring at the beach, it is probably me observing and forming a vision of my painting on an imaginary canvas.

Back in the studio I am confronted by a blank canvas and from the first brush strokes to the last, each stroke is guided solely my artistic vision. This gives a great feeling of joy and a great feeling of artistic freedom.

Through my paintings you can experience the coastal landscapes of Haida Gwaii, and feel the quiet pleasure of a warm sunlit beach or the motion of waves moving across a bay.

Please, enjoy the paintings,


Kathy Pick

Living for over three decades on Haida Gwaii has informed my knowledge and appreciation for local plants. Most of my current work involves reusing materials or gathering sustainable materials such as grasses, willow, pine, cedar barks and kelp. I also use traditional material such as reed a sustainable vine found in tropical climates.

I have shown my work locally, nationally and internationally. I am a recipient of two Canada Council grants, and a Vancouver Foundation Grant. One such grant allowed me time to experiment and work with kelp and provided the opportunity for me to create unique vessels.

My creative process allows me to move in different directions using what is at hand, acrylic paint, plant papermaking, basket weaving, sewing and knitting are all part of my repertoire.

You will most likely find me in late spring and summer at the Farmers Market in Queen Charlotte or my new studio on 4323 Relax Road, Queen Charlotte, email kathypick@hotmail.comor call my cell @ 250 637 1940 and make arrangements to drop by. My work is also on display at the Sandspit Visitor Centre and Sitka Studio in Tlell.


Michael Mayr - Archer Arts

I was always fascinated by wood and working with it. I started early, carving sticks and mobiles out of rootwood, following the given form of mother nature. Soon, I wanted to do more than that: three-dimensional work fascinated me.

After many years I decided to take the entrance exam for the Schnitzschule Oberammergau and was accepted.

The training included script, written and carved (calligraphy); nude drawing; modelling with clay (nude, nature study, portraiture, drapery, relief); painting; etching; pigment; gold and silver application on wood; lathe work; cabinet building; stone work; epoxy/fiberglass work; welding; printing; carving; and casts in various media. In addition I worked with glassblowers, learning their skills.

Using a wide variety of local/repurposed mediums Michael creates hand crafted objects such as traditional archery equipment, forged knives/tools, wood carvings, leather work, local coral beads and jewellery.

For more information about Michael and his craftmanship, please see www.michaelmayrcreates.com

Michael also provides one on one and ‘classroom’ instruction in the various arts – his workshops are listed at http://www.michaelmayrcreates.com/workshops.html

Michael can be contacted at info@michaelmayrcreates.com


Sheila Karrow

Award winning watercolour Artist and teacher, Sheila Karrow lives with her family on Haida Gwaii (formerly Queen Charlotte Islands). Sheila's watercolour and acrylic paintings can been seen at the Burdette Gallery in Ontario and across the West coast of British Columbia.

Sheila's paintings communicate both a literal and metaphorical understanding of the natural world. She strives for an intimate connection with the subject yet also reveals the unknowable reality of such a form. As with her earlier work, she continues to explore traditional imagery genres of light and dark and nature cycles. Her compositions are ?nely painted in a realist style, yet the pictures are surreal in content. Amidst the con?icting and powerful symbols, there is always the promise of redemption. 

Sheila’s highly rendered images in acrylic and watercolour reveal the intensity and interconnectedness of life. The soil is filled with details of roots and new plants; and in looking deeper, one can see an abstraction of form. In her most recent images, there is a duality in the masculine and feminine symbols creating tension between the two sides.

“I am interested in the invisible line between land and sea. The soil, rocks, plants and animals that genesis in forest loam, share their existence with the life below the water surface. The space between land and sea tells us about ourselves."

Sheila’s website can be found at http://www.sheilakarrow.com/Check it out!


Tom Oord

Born to Dutch immigrants, Tom Oord grew up in Kitwanga, BC and has been an ink artist for the past four years.  Tom also has a talent for designing and creating handmade walking canes after having made several for himself to assist with his balance.

Tom says that his art ‘slows down the jumble of chaos flying around my head and gives me a chance to get things down on paper.  I can then take my time and meditate on them…Painting and drawing have been my voice’.

Working on a painting or a cane, Tom says, ‘becomes my entire universe and everything else just fades away’.

Tom’s work can be ordered and range in price from $50-500.



Galleries & Shops

Sandspit Visitor Centre                Sandspit                   1 Airport Rd              250-637-5362

Tidal Haans Pottery                      Sandspit                   587 Beach Rd          250-637-2332

Funk It!                                             Queen Charlotte     3208 Wharf St           250-559-4753

Charlisle Clothiers                        Queen Charlotte     104 Causeway         250-559-8444

Jackies Island Jewelers Ltd.       Queen Charlotte      3301 Oceanview     250-559-4423

Nancy Hett Pottery                          Queen Charlotte      611 6th Ave               250-559-8234

Queen Charlotte Visitor Centre    Queen Charlotte     3220 Wharf St          250-559-8316

Seaside Gifts                                   Queen Charlotte      404 Oceanview       250-559-4242

Haida Heritage Centre Giftshop   Skidegate                 2 Second Beach     250-559-4643

Longhouse Giftshop                       Skidegate                 107 Front St             250-559-8013

Joby’s Wear                                      Skidegate                 107 Front St             250-559-8013

Tom Greene Jr Studio                     Skidegate                 211 Front St              250-559-8348

Sitka Studio                                       Tlell                       845 Richardson Rd     250-557-4241

Crystal Cabin Gallery                      Tlell                       778A Richardson Rd   250-557-4383

Ernie Burnett’s Studio                     Tlell                       459 Richardson Rd      250-557-4531

All Things Stationery                        Masset                     1684 Orr St                  250-626-6042

Bloom and Shoe                               Masset                     2083 Collison Ave     250-626-3366

Chown River Gallery                         Masset                     9422 Tow Hill Rd       250-626-0005

Haida Raven Gallery                        Masset                     1530 Old Beach Rd   250-626-3979

Island Time Pottery                           Masset                     2162 Collison Ave      250-626-5459

Made with Love                                  Masset                    1971 Trumpeter Ave    250-626-3220

Alliance Children’s Shop                 Old Massett             368 Eagle Ave             250-626-7528

James Sawyer Haida Art                 Old Massett             369 Eagle Ave             250-626-3518

Sarah’s Haida Arts & Jewellery     Old Massett              387 Eagle Ave             250-626-5560

Sherri Dick and Apprentices Weaving Old Massett       607 Loop Rd               250-626-9323


Fishing & Crabbing

Anglers are attracted to Haida Gwaii mostly for Spring Salmon, Coho Salmon, and Halibut.

Hop on a charter or stay at one of the many luxurious fishing lodges on remote islands in the area. Crabbing and catching prawns is part of the experience too. Throw some traps over the side of your boat, or place them on North Beach on Graham Island, and simply wait for the tide to roll in and out. Supper will be waiting.


Avid Sport Fishing                               Sandspit                    877-770-2843877-770-2843

Cartwright Sound Charters                  Sandspit                     250-637-2276250-637-2276

Queen Charlotte Safaris                      Sandspit                     250-637-5788250-637-5788

Captain Arch’s Fishin’ Ventures          Queen Charlotte        250-559-9055250-559-9055

Lone Wolf Fishing Charters                   Queen Charlotte        250-559-8836250-559-8836

Old Owl Charters                                   Queen Charlotte        250-559-7866250-559-7866  

West Wave Fishing                                Queen Charlotte       250-559-7759778-260-7171

Haida Fishing Charters                           Skidegate                 250-637-1779250-559-0061

Salt Spray Explorers                               Tlell                           250-557-4453250-557-4453

Sea to Trees Fishing and Eco Adventures   Tlell                     250--557-8599   

Eagle Crest Enterprises                         Port Clements           250-557-4541250-557-4541

Golden Spruce Charters                         Port Clements           250-557-4325250-557-4325

Kumdis River Lodge                               Port Clements           250-557-4217250-557-4217

Escott Sport Fishing                              Masset                      250-626-6076250-626-6076

Gerry’s Fishing Charters                        Masset                      250-626-3544250-626-3544

Hidden Island Charters                          Masset                      250-626-5286250-626-5286

Masset Fishing Adventures                    Masset                      250-626-5299250-626-5299

Naden Lodge                                          Masset                      250-626-3322250-626-3322

Pacific Silver Fishing Adventures           Masset                      250-626-3242250-626-3242

Super Sport Charter                               Masset                      250-626-3330250-626-3330

Brady’s Charters                                     Old Massett              250-626-7900250-626-7900

Ugoigo Fishing Charters                          Old Massett              250-626-5424250-626-5424


Camping is a popular activity on the Islands for both locals and visitors. These listings are remote back country locations with no maintenance or emergency services available. For Campgrounds that charge a fee for their use, including our Provincial Park Campgrounds and Municipal Campgrounds, please see our Accommodations section.

Campers using the areas listed below are expected to be fully self contained. In many cases these areas were former Ministry of Forests Recreation Sites, which are now user maintained. No fees are currently being charged for the use of these facilities.

For more information on these sites, check in with the Visitor Centre when you arrive. The Haida Gwaii Trail Guide also providees good information for 'Backroads' camping


The East Beach hike includes a multi night camping along the beach and North Beach often receives spectacular views.


At the end of a 10km hike starting at the Tow Hill base and the Hiellen Bridge, campers can stay at a cabin located near Rose Spit.  Be aware that no reservations are taken and no fresh water is on site.


Access through logging roads, south of Port Clements.

Access through logging roads, as above


CONE HEAD -Duu Guusd Heritage Site/Conservancy
Short walk to the water, 2 unit campsite, beachcombing and hiking

BONANZA AND GREGGORY BEACH -Duu Guusd Heritage Site/Conservancy
Water front view

6 small units, picnic tables, toilets, suitable for small & medium sized groups


SHELDONS BAY -Kunxalas Heritage Site/Conservancy
2 small sites on beach, dry toilets. 4-wheel drive recommended

GRAY BAY -Kunxalas Heritage Site/Conservancy
20 sites located on beach, dry toilets, picnic tables, day-use shelters

11 sites, boat launch, picnic site, dry toilets and day-use area

6 sites, suitable for single or large groups


Willows Golf Course
342 Copper Bay Road

Box 216 Sandspit VOT 1TO
Ph: (250) 637- 2388
Email: bcharman@qcislands.net

The Willows is a relaxing Par 72, 6154 yd. seashore golf course with the unique challenge of 18 tees to 9 greens. Some holes are exposed to the changes of Island weather while others are protected by natural Forest. The large club house is fully licensed and serves great pub food. Rentals are available.

Dixon Entrance Golf & Country Club

Tow Hill Road Pole #

PO Box 68
Masset, B.C., VOT 1MO

Dixon Entrance Golf Club is located on along Tow Hill Road, 5 kilometers east of Masset. A 9 hole course with 18 different tie boxes.

Men's course rating is 64.7 with slope 106 par 65. Women's course rating is 70.5 with slope 120 par 69.


Bird Watching & Wildlife Viewing

Haida Gwaii is on the migratory path of many species of birds and offers excellent bird watching opportunities.

The Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary located in Masset is a migratory bird sanctuary with viewing platforms, shoreline access viewpoints, some short walking trails and a gravel road access to the sandy ocean beaches. The Delkatla bird sanctuary population changes seasonally with people and birds coming and going.

The region is a big attraction for bird watchers, photographers, painters and the curious. The bird sanctuary draws many to the west coast to view the 140 or so bird species who visit yearly. 

Birds seen annually in the Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary

Great Blue Heron, Trumpeter Swan, Canada Goose, Green-winged Teal, Mallard, Pintail, American Widgeon, Greater Scaup, Common Goldeneye, Bufflehead, Common Merganser, Bald Eagle, Sharp-shinned Hawk, Red Tailed Hawk, Peregrine Falcon, American Coot, Sandhill Crane, Black-bellied Plover, Pacific Golden Plover, Semipalmated Plover, Killdeer, Black Oystercatcher, Greater Yellowlegs, Western Sandpiper, Least Sandpiper, Dunlin, Short and Long-billed Dowitcher, Common Snipe, Mew Gull, Thayer’s Gull, Herring Gull, Glaucous-winged Gull, Northern Saw-whet Owl, Rufous Hummingbird, Belted Kingfisher, Red-breasted Sapsucker, Hairy Woodpecker, Pacific-slope Flycatcher, Tree Swallow, Barn Swallow, Steller’s Jay, Northwester Crow, Common Raven, Chestnut-backed Chikadee, Winter Wren, Golden-crowned Kinglet, Swainson’s Thruch, Hermit Thrush, American Robin, Varied Thrush, American Pipit, Cedar Waxwing, European Starling, Orange crowned Warbler, Townsend’s Warbler, Fox Sparrow, Song Sparrow, Dark-eyed Junco, Pine Grosbeak, Red Crossbill and Pine Siskin.

Rare Bird Sightings: Cattle Egret, Tufted Duck, Bar-tailed Godwit, Wood Sandpiper, Smith’s Longspur and Brambling. (A complete checklist of birds is available at most visitor information centres on the island.)

Hiking & Beachcombing

A new hiking map was produced in 2011.  View the map in adobe pdf format and at the bottom of the page.  The detailed, locally produced guide “Hikes on Haida Gwaii” by Fern Henderson is available at the Haida Gwaii Museum and many local stores and contains detailed information on many Island hikes.  Also, the Tlell Watershed Society produced several interpretive guides for many of the less developed trails in the Tlell River Watershed. These guides are widely available from many of the merchants in the Tlell area and may provide an option for those travelers wanting a more remote wilderness experience.

Beachwalking for pleasure, in the winter or summer, is another great pastime here. Comb the sand for shells, uniquely shaped rocks, and seaweed. Storm watching in the winter and birdwatching in the spring or fall is fascinating.

ATV’s are not permitted on any of the hiking trails on the Islands.

Some of the more popular Island hiking routes are:

Rennell Sound- Duu Guusd Heritage Site/Conservancy: Easy hiking trails on the West coast of Graham island.  Road access limited to high clearance vehicles with spare tires.  Includes Rennell Sound Campsite, Five Mile Beach Trail, Gregory Beach Trail, Bonanza Beach Trail, and Cone Head.

Sleeping Beauty and Slatechuck Mountain Trails: Difficult terrain, limited to high clearance vehicle access.  Trails climb to 729m up Mt.Geneviene and 1009m up Slatechuck Pass.

Spirit Lake Trail: Easy to Moderate Difficulty with access in the Village of Skidegate.  Excellent family hike.

Haydn Turner Community Campsite and Trails: Easy hiking around the village of Queen Charlotte's community campground.

Kagan Bay Day Use Area and Camp Recreation Site: Easy hiking 2 km from Queen Charlotte down the Honna Mainline.

Sunset Park and Trail: Easy hiking in Port Clements along the Yakoun river estuary.

Golden Spruce Trail- Yaaguun Gandlaay Heritage Site/Conservancy: Easy trail outside of Port Clements approximately 20 minute walk.

Dover Creek Trail- Damaxyaa Heritage Site/Conservancy:" Moderate trail on Moresby Island outside of Sandspit a tthe Haans Creek bidge.  Winds through the forest of large cedar and spruce trees.

Onward Point Trail: Outside of Sandspit, an easy trail through shoreline forest.

Kunxalas Heritage Site/Conservancy: Sheldons Bay Day Use and Gray Bay Campsite and Secret Cove Trail are Easy walks but take a high clearance vehicle.

Mosquito Lake Recreation Site: Easy hike with access for high clearance vehicle.  Named after the mosquito bombers in the second World War - not the bugs.

Moresby Camp Recreation Site: Easy hike limited to high clearance vehicle with 8 rustic campsites and a boat launch

Pure Lake Provincial Park: Easy hike along Highway 16 between Port Clements and Masset.  Lakeside picniking.

Naikoon North Park: Includes Tow Hill Day use, Cape Fife Trail, Rose Spit Trail, and Agate Beach Provincial Campground.

Naikoon South Park: Includes Tlell River Day use and Pesuta Shipwreck Trail, Mayer Lake Day Use Site, Misty Meadows Loop trail and park, and the East Beach Hike.

Anvil Trail- Tlall Heritage Site/Conservancy: Moderate trail along Highway 16 in Tlell.  5 km loop trail through rich floodplain and patches of old growth.

Yakoun Lake Trail- Yaaguun Suu Heritage Site/Conservancy: Easy to Moderate trail limited to high clearance vehicles located 22 km on the Queen Charlotte mainline.  20 minute walk through old growth to the sandy shore of Yakoun Lake.

 Tow Hill / Blowhole Trail: 23 km east of Masset the trail follows the Hiellen River 100 meters to the Tow Hill Picnic Area. From the Picnic Area the trail follows one of two well marked routes.


What to Do

Haida Gwaii is great for hardy adventurers, sports enthusiasts, or individuals, couples, and families who simply want to vacation in a relaxing environment and soak up culture.

Photo Credit: Moresby Explorers

Photo Credit: Haida Heritage Centre

Haida Gwaii offers endless recreational opportunities such as fishing, hiking, and camping in and around protected parks and reserves of diverse wildlife and flora.

Photo Credit: Anvil Cove Charters

It's also the only place in all of Northern British Columbia where travellers can surf.

Photo Credit: North Beach Surf Shop

Aboriginal sites and remarkable works of art make for good down time exploring.

Photo Credit: Haida Heritage Centre

Haida Gwaii Tourism

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