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See Community Map

Old Massett is the Islands northernmost community located at the entrance to Dixon Entrance on Masset Sound. It is one of the Islands two Haida communities and is 3km north of Masset.

Masset and Old Massett are closely linked and the area is commonly referred to as Greater Massett. These two communities could be Canada’s most closely linked First Nations – non-First Nations communities sharing water and sewage treatment systems.

Primarily Old Massett’s residents utilize the services in Masset for their daily needs but a recent entrepreneurial spirit has seen the development of several artist’s galleries and studios, eco-tourism ventures, a modern and lively café with internet access for visitors and a few B&B’s.

Photo Credit: Haida Gwaii Lodge B&B

Some of the main features to investigate in Old Massett include:

The Islands largest collection of modern totem poles can be found throughout the Village including the oldest modern pole raised on the Islands. (found on Eagle Ave. in front of the Anglican Church.) Currently there are 17 poles that have been raised in the Village.

Photo Credit: Archie Stocker Sr.

Visit the gift shops and artisan studios in Old Massett.

Photo Credit: Jenn Dolen

Old Massett has many talented Haida Artists that often have small sheds or additions to their homes where they work and sell their art. Most of these places of business are well signed and artists are always happy when you stop by.

Often the hours of these places fluctuate and in many cases it will be hit and miss. The Misty Isles Economic Development Society produced an Islands Artists Guide that can be picked up at all Visitor Centers and most shops and accommodation places. A number of the artists in Old Massett are listed in this guide so if you want to increase your chances, give them a call ahead of time. There is also a diverse local gift shop / gallery at the far end of Eagle Ave. (backroad) which has very regular and reliable hours.


Population: 614
Elevation: Sea Level


Accommodations Cultural Performances Haida Canoe Tours
Cafes Taxi Internet Service
Fishing Charters Sightseeing Tours Galleries/Gift Shops


See Community Map

Masset is the Gateway to Naikoon Provincial Park and is world renowned in the sportfishing community for its easy access to the productive Salmon and Halibut grounds located northwest of the community.

Masset has all needed amenities for the traveler including a wide variety of accommodation and restaurants.

Some of the main features to investigate in Masset include:

Photo Credit: Haida Gwaii Photos

The Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary, a 228ha wetland set aside for many migrating and resident birds. There are observation towers and several trails through the refuge. Over 140 species have been recorded here, including trumpeter swans, peregrine falcons and bald eagles. The Delkatla Nature Centre is located on Trumpeter Drive. Call 626-5015 for information and hours.

Photo Credit: Haida Gwaii Photos

Canada’s most westerly golf course, The Dixon Entrance Golf Course, located 5 km east of Masset offers scenic vistas along Haida Gwaii’s north coast over looking Dixon Entrance and the southern Islands of the Alaskan panhandle. Non members are encouraged to play a few rounds literally, as the course circles around CFB Masset part of the early warning system for North America during the tense Cold War period.

Photo Credit: Haida Gwaii Photos

The Dixon Entrance Maritime Museum located at the western end of Collison Ave. was originally the community’s first hospital built in 1914. Through a federal grant and the countless hours of many committed and dedicated community members the building was extensively renovated and seismically upgraded and now houses some fascinating exhibits about the European settlement of Masset and the areas maritime history. Admission is well worth the $2 charged.


Population: 884
Elevation: Sea Level


Marina                 Visitor Centre                 Accommodations
Laundromat         Library                            Grocery Stores
Restaurants         Liquor Store                   Post Office
Cafes                   Taxi                                Car Rental
Fishing Charters  Sightseeing Tours           Galleries/Gift Shops
Maritime Museum Tennis Courts


See Community Map

The Islands newest emerging community, Tow Hill is an area spread out along Tow Hill Road ~10km east of Masset.

Photo Credit: Haida Gwaii Photos

The Tow Hill area is on or along the northwestern boundary of Naikoon Provincial Park and recent developments on private lands within the Parks boundaries has increased the number of people moving to the area.

Photo Credit: Haida Gwaii Photos

The main amenities along the roadway include several rustic cabins for rent in forested, river or beach settings, a restaurant, café and organic produce store.

Photo Credit: Dafne Romero

Surfing is becoming popular on the Beaches to the north of Tow Hill Road especially during the winter season. The annual Surfing Expression Session is an increasingly popular event on North Beach in early November.

Photo Credit: North Beach Surf Shop

The eastern end of Tow Hill Road provides access to Agate Beach Provincial Campground and North Beach.

Photo Credit: Dafne Romero


Population: not available
Elevation: Sea Level


Organic Produce Store        Restaurant
Cafe      B&B’s                     Camping


See Community Map

Port Clements is located at the base of Masset Inlet.

The Village of Port Clements is a gateway to explore Haida Gwaii's rugged west coast along a myriad of logging roads which eventually connect with the Village of Queen Charlotte.

Photo Credit: Jen Bailey

Things to see or do in Port Clements include:

The Port Clements Museum is operated by the Port Clements Historical Society. Located near the centre of town along Bayview Drive. The museum houses some wonderful examples of the settlement period of the Islands. The yard around the museum is full of well used examples of the machinery of the logging industry, the mainstay of the community’s economy. Admission is $3.

Photo Credit: Ian Gould

Hike the Golden Spruce Trail. Located 5km south of town towards the log sort of Juskatla, the Golden Spruce grew on the west bank of the Yakoun River. The tree, a Sitka Spruce, had golden needles, the result of a genetic variation. In 1997 the tree was cut down in an act of protest and the story made international news. The trail to the Golden Spruce is still a worthwhile hike and has recently been signed. There is a large sign beside the road with a wide pull out area. The roadway is suitable for smaller 2 wheel vehicles, although caution should always be taken when using these roads.

Photo Credit: Flavien Mabit

The Haida Canoe, an abandoned project from possibly 120 years ago is 8km south of the Golden Spruce Trail and is one of the many traces of the Haida’s use of the cedar forests of the Yakoun River Valley. The route to the canoe is well marked and there is a nice trail into the canoe site.

Photo Credit: Flavien Mabit

Port Clements hosts the Islands Canada Day (July 1) celebrations which include many activities in the municipal park capped off by a mud bog. Visitors are always welcome to attend all Island events.


Population: 317
Elevation: Sea Level


Marina     Cafe     Library

Grocery    Store   Restaurants
Accommodations Campground Bird Viewing Tower
Gas Station          Post Office


See Community Map

Tlell is a small, spread out community on the east coast of Graham Island, located 43 kilometers north of the ferry terminal at Skidegate. Tlell marks the southeast corner of Naikoon Provincial Park and is the location of the Misty Meadows Provincial Campground.

Photo Credit: Natural Impressions Photography

Beaches and sand dunes are easily accessible along the Tlell River, well known for its excellent fishing opportunities.

A trail leads from the Tlell Day-use area, just north of the Tlell River Bridge to the remains of the Pesuta, a barge which ran aground in 1928.

Photo Credit: Melinda Pick

There are artisans & galleries, a cafe, a fine choice of quaint accommodation several Bed & Breakfasts, a general store and cattle ranch all in the area. They are all well marked. Look for the signs as you drive along the highway.

Photo Credit Heather Adel

Tlell is home to the annual Tlell Fall Fair as well as the  Edge of the World Music Festival.

The Edge of the World Music Festival runs for an entire weekend and features internationally renowned musicians and showcases many of Haida Gwaii's own amazing musicians.

Photo Credit:  Full Moon Photo



Population: 179
Elevation: Sea level


Naikoon Park Visitor Centre
Grocery Store

Cafes      Post Office     Veterinary Clinic
Volunteer Fire Department

Artisan Studios Galleries/Gift Shops


See Community Map


Skidegate is one of two modern Haida Villages on the Islands and has made great steps in developing a cultural tourist base for the community.

Some things to see in Skidegate include:

The Haida Gwaii Museum  is located at Second Beach along Highway 16 at the edge of the community. The museum has displays of Haida history and culture, restored totem poles, and a natural history gallery of QCI birds, mammals and fossils.

Photo Credit: Haida Heritage Centre

The Haida Heritage Centre at Kaay Llnagaay is an extension of the Haida Gwaii Museum and offers visitors an unparalleled experience discovering Haida culture and art. Six modern poles stand outside this world-class complex. The Gwaii Haanas Parks offices are located here as well.

Photo Credit: Haida Heritage Centre

Along the waterfront in the Village of Skidegate, a huge cedar longhouse faces the beach and is fronted by the dogfish totem pole carved by Bill Reid. The longhouse houses the SHIP (Skidgegate Haida Immersion Program) which teaches and preserves the Haida language.

Photo Credit: Skidegate Band Council

Whale watching is outstanding from alongside the highway throughout April and May.

BC Ferries docks on the edge of the community providing contact with Moresby Island and across Hecate Strait to Prince Rupert on the British Columbia mainland.

Photo Credit: Haida Heritage Centre

Skidegate Days are held every summer in the community and offers activities and events for all. Don’t miss the opportunity to paddle the “Loo Taas” (Wave eater) the huge cedar canoe carved by Bill Reid.


Population: 709
Elevation: Sea Level


Galleries / Gift Stores    Gas Station
Grocery Stores Restaurants Hair Stylist
Cafes       Taxi        Sightseeing Tours
Dance Performances


See Community Map


The Village of Queen Charlotte is the Islands newest municipality incorporating in November 2005. Queen Charlotte has many governmental departments including the Ministry of Forests and Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

Photo Credit: Jenn Dolen

The community is beautifully situated between the narrow Skidegate Inlet and the peaks of the Queen Charlotte Mountain range to the northwest. The community is the one most often used by visitors embarking for tours into the Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site.

The Queen Charlotte (QC) Seawalk is a ‘must see’ for visitors to Haida Gwaii! This very scenic walk along the oceanside connects the the QC Visitor Centre with the QC Community Centre. It provides a stunning view of Skidegate Inlet and the QC Harbour.

Photo Credit: Village of QC

Photo Credit: Village of QC

In late summer, the alpine meadows around the community are dotted with many species of plants unique to the Islands such as the "Newcombe's Daisy." Trail maps are available at the local Visitor Centre.

Photo Credit: Queen Charlotte Visitor Centre

Queen Charlotte has all needed amenities for the traveler including a wide variety of accommodation, restaurants and a beautiful and informative information centre.


Population: 944

Elevation: sea Level


Marina     Visitor Centre     Laundromat
Library     Grocery Stores    Restaurants
Cafes       Taxi                    Car Rental
Fishing Charters   Accommodations   Liquor Store
Gas Station Post Office    Float Plane service


See Community Map


Located on the northern shores of Moresby Island, Sandspit is the only community on Moresby Island and is connected to Graham Island by a small vehicle ferry connecting to Skidegate.









Photo Credit: BCeh.com

Photo Credit: http://www.sandspitbc.ca/

The arrival point for Air Canada flights to the Islands, Sandspit has a large (by local standards) airport and a Visitor Centre.

Photo Credit: Flavien Mabit

Sandspit is a hotbed for fishing especially during the late Coho runs in September and October, but also offers wonderful camping opportunities. Birding and kayaking are also popular activities in the area.

Photo Credit: Flavien Mabit

Sandspit also has one of the Islands two golf courses, the Willows Golf Course.

There are popular campgrounds along the logging roads, which form a circle route with the community to the campsites of Gray Bay and Mosquito Lake (a popular swimming and fishing spot). Pallant Creek flows out of the lake and joins the ocean about 5km downstream with an estuary at Moresby Camp. 

Moresby Camp is used extensively by operators providing tours and trips into the Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site.

Photo Credit: Moresby Explorers

Sandspit hosts Loggers Days in July each year reminding the community of its strong roots to the logging industry. The day is full of activities including a Loggers skills competition.

Photo Credit: Emmy O'Gorman


Population: 297
Elevation: Sea Level


Marina   Visitor Centre    Laundromat
Library    Grocery Store   Restaurants
Cafes      Taxi                 Car Rental
Golf Course Post Office Airport
Sightseeing Tours Accommodations

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