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The Haida Gwaii Tourism Advisory Committee (TAC) under the Misty Isles Economic Development Society (MIEDS) can provide information and access to resources on Haida Gwaii. 

Access to the Digital Asset Managment System can be obtained by contacting admin@mieds.ca

We can provide information as follows:

  • Fact Info sheets for story ideas and provide local contacts for further information
  • Quality images through our on-line image gallery or b-roll through our Digital Asset Management System (DAMS)
  • Fact check your articles prior to submission. 
  • Provide information on marketing research on tourism for Haida Gwaii

See also our newsletter archives:

Fact Information Sheets

Browse through a list of Information sheets on various themes that help make Haida Gwaii so unique

Images and Footage

Information on how to access on-line images and footage from Haida Gwaii

Haida Gwaii Visits

Start at the Northern BC Tourism's Media Relations department

Tourism marketing research

Information on marketing research for Haida Gwaii

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