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Rose Spit - where the Hecate Strait meets Dixon Entrance - Photo: Owen Perry

The rainforest experience - moss carpeted paths, a lingering scent of fresh cedar and the sounds of silence - Photo: Owen Perry

Step into another world as you tour ancient Haida village sites in Gwaii Haanas - Photo: Owen Perry


Mount Moresby Hiking Route





At 1164m high, Mount Moresby is the highest summit on Haida Gwaii. Because of this, it is often a goal for hikers with a challenge in mind.

And the hike to the summit of Mount Moresby is indeed very challenging. It does not follow a formal trail, and takes at least 8 to 10 hours to complete (return). This also depends greatly on your fitness level, if you loose the trail or not, the amount of gear you are carrying, etc... 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This suggested hike is a route and as such is not along a formal trail. Access to the trailhead can be difficult, the hike itself can be strenuous, require some navigational skills, special gear and people attempting this hike need to be well prepared. 

The side road leading to the trailhead is right before one gets to Moresby Camp. The road crosses Pallant creek over a new bridge, installed in 2015. 

It is now possible to drive for a few kilometres on that new logging road and then park and start the approach by following old logging roads. The road has been washed out in many places and the trail sometimes seems to disappear. A sense of navigation is essential, and as much as possible, it is best to go on this adventure with someone who has done the trail before. There are some river crossings at times.

The trailhead itself at the base of the mountain is easy to see with some massive flagging and reflective triangle.

The first part of the ascension is a hard climb with very slippery sections, unstable rocks, loose ground, fallen logs and roots. The trail is flagged on a regular basis by locals using the trail, and there are different colors of tape used. Still, some blowdown, washed out sections, and general regrowth means it is easy to loose the trail.There are some sections where a rope has been installed a number of years ago to help hikers go up and down some particularly difficult terrain. 

Fog, high winds and snow can occur up in the alpine regions at any time of year. Visibility especially, can be a real potential hazard, as it is easy to loose your bearings in the rocky alpine. 

Once in the alpine, cairns (stacks of stones) mark the route hikers are to follow. 

It is a beautiful and rewarding challenge, for experienced hikers only. 

This hiking route is also described in a little more detail along with pictures in a 2016 blog entry.

A snapshot of the trail up Mount Moresby


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