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Spend the day at North Beach and revel in the views from Tow Hill and the Blow Hole - Photo: Talon Gillis

Gray Bay is a popular recreational site known for its beachcombing and camping opportunities - Photo: Flavien Mabit

We've got a selection of camping locations just right for you - forest sites thick with carpets of moss, rustic beach campsites and comfortable campgrounds with showers and hook-ups - Photo: Flavien Mabit

Haida Gwaii's got rainforests, beaches and mountains to explore - let's go! - Photo: Alexander A MacDonald

The Pesuta Shipwreck Trail will lead you along East Beach to the scenic remains of the Pesuta, a log ship that ran aground in 1928 - Photo: Alexander A MacDonald

Visit the award-winning Haida Heritage Centre and Museum at Second Beach in Skidegate - Photo: Guy Kimola

Step into another world as you tour ancient Haida village sites in Gwaii Haanas - Photo: Flavien Mabit

The Rennell Sound area offers exceptional wilderness camping and short trails for accessing remote west coast beaches - Photo: Guy Kimola


The Pesuta Shipwreck Hike

The Pesuta was a 264 foot log barge, shipwrecked in a winter storm in the Hecate Strait in 1928.   The remains of the barge lie north of the Tlell River on East Beach and has become a very popular attraction on Haida Gwaii. The 10 km return hike is of a moderately easy level. Check out Tourism BC's 'Team Orca's experience hiking the Pesuta Shipwreck Trail in the summer of 2012!

A return hike will take approximately 4 hours depending upon time spent at the shipwreck. The best time to hike the trail is on a low or receding tide (check the tide tables ) to avoid getting stranded on an incoming tide or having to walk the riverbank on a high tide. This hike can be made year round.

Flavien Mabit

The Pesuta Shipwreck Hike trailhead is located at the day use area at the Tlell River Bridge. The parking lot area provides signage for the hike as well as Naikoon Park. Picnic tables and pit toilets are located nearby. After approximately 30 minutes of hiking, there is a T-intersection. At the sign East Beach/Tlell River, take the higher, East Beach trail for walking to and from the shipwreck. The lower path running alongside the river is not well maintained and can be very wet and muddy. The trail winds through the forest while following the Tlell River. Crossing a small footbridge, the trail divides and rejoins.


Flavien Mabit

The trail emerges onto East Beach at approximately the halfway point to the shipwreck. A trail marker 'East Beach 2 km' is posted at the point where the trail and beach meet. An informal 'river road' has been made from 'beach traffic' by those having summer homes at Cape Ball. Nearing the mouth of the river, the remains of the hull of the Pesuta can be seen. Beachcombing opportunities are abundant on this beach!

Flavien Mabit


The Pesuta Shipwreck hike is part of the  90 km East Beach Wilderness Hiking Trail

The 90km East Beach Wilderness Trail is a long and demanding wilderness hike along the length of East Beach requiring sufficient preparation and supplies. Please see the BC Parks web-site for planning information or contact BC Parks staff at (250) 557-4390



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