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Rose Spit - where the Hecate Strait meets Dixon Entrance - Photo: Owen Perry

The rainforest experience - moss carpeted paths, a lingering scent of fresh cedar and the sounds of silence - Photo: Owen Perry

Step into another world as you tour ancient Haida village sites in Gwaii Haanas - Photo: Owen Perry


Spirit Lake Trail in Skidegate


Photo Flavien Mabit

Spirit Lake Trail is popular walking/hiking trail located across from the George Brown Recreation Centre along Highway 16 (the main highway) in Skidegate village. A spacious parking lot provides convenient access to the trail system. The trail head is marked with a carved Wasco, one of the Haida mythical creatures.

Photo: Guy Kimola / Haida Gwaii Photos

The hard packed, well maintained trails are of an easy to moderate level of difficulty. Depending upon the route taken, a return hike will take approximately 1.5 – 2 hours. The routes are colour coded and labeled on a map posted near the beginning of the trail. The trail begins with a moderate gain in elevation for the first 5 minutes of walking and levels out at that point.


Photo Credit: Mary Helmer

The trail system consists of three routes: The Forest Walk, The Spirit Lake Loop Trail and the  Lake Connector Loop.

Photo: Flavien Mabit

Hikers will experience the quietness of the moss carpeted forest, wander over bridges and boardwalks spanning creeks and may find themselves enticed to pause and enjoy the scenery at the picnic areas overlooking the lakes.

Photo: Tanya Alton

The Forest Walk leads to Spirit Lake with the hiker then choosing either to continue around the perimeter of the lake (Spirit Lake Loop Trail) or take the Connector Loop winding between the lakes and returning to the forest.

Photo: Flavien Mabit

Hikers will notice Culturally Modified Trees (CMTs) on this walk. The CMTs are identified by markings such as bark strips which were removed for basket weaving or by holes which were bored into a trunk to determine the quality of the cedar for making a canoe or carving a pole.

This is a popular walk for residents and visitors alike and you may be pleasantly surprised to meet others sharing the trails and enjoying nature in its glory on Haida Gwaii.

Photo: Guy Kimola / Haida Gwaii Photos

The Spirit Lake Trail is well worth adding to your list of ‘things to do on Haida Gwaii’.


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