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Spend the day at North Beach and revel in the views from Tow Hill and the Blow Hole - Photo: Talon Gillis

Gray Bay is a popular recreational site known for its beachcombing and camping opportunities - Photo: Flavien Mabit

We've got a selection of camping locations just right for you - forest sites thick with carpets of moss, rustic beach campsites and comfortable campgrounds with showers and hook-ups - Photo: Flavien Mabit

Haida Gwaii's got rainforests, beaches and mountains to explore - let's go! - Photo: Alexander A MacDonald

The Pesuta Shipwreck Trail will lead you along East Beach to the scenic remains of the Pesuta, a log ship that ran aground in 1928 - Photo: Alexander A MacDonald

Visit the award-winning Haida Heritage Centre and Museum at Second Beach in Skidegate - Photo: Guy Kimola

Step into another world as you tour ancient Haida village sites in Gwaii Haanas - Photo: Flavien Mabit

The Rennell Sound area offers exceptional wilderness camping and short trails for accessing remote west coast beaches - Photo: Guy Kimola


Gwaii Haanas: An Immersive Experience

By Anna Mairs

Bottom line: I ten out of ten recommend a trip with Moresby Explorers. The guides are fantastic, the sights are jaw dropping beautiful, and the experience is a wild ride! We saw a great sunrise on our way to the Moresby Explorers camp, surely a good sign for the two-day trip!

Anna Mairs

Once we got outfitted in some heavy-duty rain gear and gumboots, we headed off into the boats. The boat ride is beautiful, with islands and mountains all around. We saw eagles, whales, and sea lions.

Anna Mairs

My friends were most excited about the whales and shouted every time they saw one, but I was more excited by a rainbow I saw and so I shouted “rainbow!” Our guide stopped the boat because she thought I was calling out a whale sighting…turns out no one else was enthused by the rainbow because they happen so frequently here!

Anna Mairs

We slowed the boat at one point to look at some intertidal life as well! There were tons of sea stars, anemones, and urchins, all bright red and pink. We got to check out the ancient Haida village of Tanu, taking a walk around sites where houses and poles used to stand and sitting down for a picnic lunch. Next we went to Windy Bay before we headed to the Moresby Explorer’s float camp for the night. I love boat rides, and the wind and salt were super refreshing. Dinner and the night at the float camp were amazing, the place is totally charming!

Anna Mairs

The next day, we headed to East Limestone Island and the village of Skedans. There was a ton more wind this time we were on the water, and there was quite the swell from the waves. I was having a blast sitting up at the front of the boat, on the side instead of in a seat. I had a lot of my body weight outside the boat because it was fun to bounce when we hit any chop. I only had one hand holding on since I was putting my mitten back on the other one… see where this is going? I totally fell in the water as we rode over a particularly large wave, but luckily for me our guide immediately stopped the boat and my two friends grabbed my feet. I took a lot of water in to my rain suit, but was otherwise hauled back into the boat completely unharmed!

I changed out of my wet layers when we got to shore, and continue to enjoy the rest of my time exploring Gwaii Haanas. Friends of mine even voluntarily went swimming later that day! We truly immersed ourselves in the adventure!



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