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Go Haida Gwaii


Rose Spit - where the Hecate Strait meets Dixon Entrance - Photo: Owen Perry

The rainforest experience - moss carpeted paths, a lingering scent of fresh cedar and the sounds of silence - Photo: Owen Perry

Step into another world as you tour ancient Haida village sites in Gwaii Haanas - Photo: Owen Perry


An Ocean-Side Drive

Visitors to Haida Gwaii are often captivated by the magnificent scenery as they begin their travels on the ‘misty isles’.  Travellers don't have far to go to experience the splendour of the islands. It is as accessible to the visitor as a simple ocean-side drive from the Village of Queen Charlotte to the rural community of Tlell (approximately 45 minutes).

Photo: Haida Gwaii Photos

The numerous roadside pull-outs overlooking the ocean are well worth a brief detour and will provide scenic photo opportunities. The ‘Stackwall Kiosk’ between the Village of Queen Charlotte and the BC Ferries Terminal provides an excellent view of Skidegate Inlet. Seating has been built into the stackwall structure encouraging the viewer to take a few minutes to relax and enjoy a typical 'misty isles moment' or a stunning sunset.

Photo: Jim Gordon

Further up the road, upon leaving Skidegate (heading north), is the ‘Balance Rock’ pull out. This ‘rock’ is located on the beach alongside the highway.  Despite the appearance of balancing on a point, this mass is unmovable – many have tried! Check out this site for sunrise photography opportunities.


Photo: Haida Gwaii Photos

Approximately 10 minutes drive north from Skidegate, one is greeted by a large carved wooden bear marking the first of two parking areas for Jungle Beach.  The second pull out is several meters past the first and is popular as a picnic area complete with a stackwall climbing tower on the beach (it’s not only young people that climb the tower!).


Photo: Flavien Mabit

You'll likely want to stop at St Mary’s Spring, located about 3 km north of Jungle Beach. A carved wooden statue marks this road-side attraction famous for its spring water. The local legend is that if you drink from the spring, you will return to Haida Gwaii.

Photo: Haida Gwaii Photos

Continuing on toward Tlell, a ‘Rest Area’ is located approximately 3 kms north of St Mary's Spring. This rest area is popular with residents and visitors alike. A buffer of trees separating the rest area from the highway provides a sense of privacy. The view of the Hecate Strait is magnificent  at high tide or during a firey sunrise. Travelers are able to park facing the ocean. Picnic tables, garbage containers and outhouses are located at the rest area.

Photo: Haida Gwaii Photos

The final viewpoint on this ocean-side journey is located mid-way through Tlell. Mariner’s Point picnic area is unmarked but the pull out is visible from the road along the ocean-side (across from the Anvil Trail).

Photo: Haida Gwaii Photos

With so many viewpoints and enticing picnic areas along the ocean-side, it may be challenging to experience each of the attractions one sets out to see at the beginning of the day.

Check out Kerry O'Donovan's video 'Haida Gwaii Driving' - it's an inspiration! 



Video Credit: Kerry O'Donovan (Youtube)


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