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Go Haida Gwaii


Wander through the ancient rainforests and look for giant Sitka Spruce and Red Cedar alongside the rivers

When you've reached the edge of your world, ours begins



A Gwaii Haanas Paddling Adventure

Photo: Leigh McAdam / HikeBikeTravel

Join us on this kayaking adventure into Gwaii Haanas - no experience necessary!

Green Coast Kayaking's new owner/operator Bryce Klee has begun expanding their 2016 tours to include Haida Gwaii's west coast.

A visit to Haida Gwaii’s wild west coast

Haida Gwaii's west coast is known for  its erratic winds that can switch direction in a heartbeat while not giving up any of their force and magnificent ocean swells that grow to epic sizes in storms that rage somewhere out in the Pacific.

Photo: Curtis Guest

Eagle Photography at Copper Bay on Moresby Island

With so many excellent blogs and wonderful photos already provided by others, I’ve decided to focus on an area likely under represented - Copper Bay.  Zipping along on the Copper Bay Mainline from Sandspit it’s easy to miss it, since a glance to the east would lead you to believe you’re passing someone’s back yard.  And that’s exactly what happened to us in our 80's vintage 20' class B motorhome.

Jack Douglas Waller

The Legend of Tow Hill

Photo: Guy Kimola / Haida Gwaii Photos

Do you know the legend of Tow Hill?

The Love Weekend!

Photo: Heather Adele

A weekend of pampering.... how would you spend it? Here's some great ideas for Haida Gwaii residents as well as those visiting!

Haida Gwaii - Turning Your Visit into a Cultural Experience

Photo: Mary Helmer

Planning a visit to Haida Gwaii and want to experience the Haida culture as fully as possible? We've got a few suggestions to help with your trip planning.

Haida Gwaii on a Budget

Photo: Guy Kimola / Haida Gwaii Photos

Haida Gwaii can be visited and thoroughly enjoyed even on a tight budget.

Hiking without a trail: The art of “Bushwhacking”

Adventure on Haida Gwaii is easy to find. 

Photo Credit: Flavien Mabit

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