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Haida Gwaii Blog

Swan Lake

Exploring Masset Inlet: Swan Lake, a perfect weekend get-a-way!

Linda Leitch / Blue Sky Charters

Trail Maintenance on Haida Gwaii

Springtime means trail maintenance time - we're getting ready for you!

Geocaching: How to set up a geocache

Geocaching Haida Gwaii - come one, let's give it a try!

Sunset Park Trail in the Village of Port Clements

Sunset Park Trail is a 'must' for your Haida Gwaii visit. This is an easy (flat), well maintained trail at the west end of Port Clements and is accessed via a parking lot 2 km east of the Sunset Park Campground of which it adjoins. It is somewhat secluded and located between a treed park-like setting and the Yakoun Estuary tidal flats.

Love Haida Gwaii Trade Shows

Love Haida Gwaii Tradeshow October 2014

Guy Kimola / Haida Gwaii Photos

Sandspit - An Ideal Island ‘Get Away’

Sandspit - an island community with endless recreational opportunities and only two hours by air, from Vancouver.  Consider it for your weekend island get-a-way!

The Queen Charlotte Seawalk

A Queen Charlotte hotspot! The Queen Charlotte Seawalk is a popular destination for ocean-side strolls and spectacular photo opps

Haida Gwaii Trip Planning

In planning your trip to Haida Gwaii, the following information may provide you with the details you need for traveling time and ability to connect with local service providers prior to your visit.


Ian Gould

Haida Gwaii on a Budget

Photo Credit: Guy Kimola / Haida Gwaii Photos

A Beachcomber’s Blog

The following blog is not easy to read but it is one that is dear to us all. Linda Leitich and Dann Braman are local heros dedicated to clearing tsunami debris from the  beaches within the Naikoon Provincial Park, Rose Spit Ecological Reserve, and the remote shores of western Haida Gwai.

These weekend warriors volunteer their time but need help to cover the cost of fuel, supplies and disposal fees.

We can help in many ways from joining the clean up effort to making a contribution or even sharing this link online http://www.gofundme.com/noutx0

Linda Leitich

Gone Fishing on Haida Gwaii: The Best Conditions for a Trophy Catch

Trophy fish caught during guided fishing trip with Peregrine Lodge in Haida Gwaii

Pesuta Shipwreck Trail

Photo: Katie Allen

A Gwaii Haanas Paddling Adventure

Whale sighting at the Gordon Islands Leigh McAdam / Hike Bike Travel

Tree Climbing Adventures!

Photo Credit: Megan Romas

The Love Weekend!

Heather Adel

Haida Gwaii Staycation Blog #2

In the upcoming weeks, we will feature a number of 'Staycation' ideas for Haida Gwaii residents (as well as for visitors) - we want to inspire you to explore Haida Gwaii's hidden gems!

Haida Gwaii Storm Watch on North Graham Island

Photo: Guy Kimola / Haida Gwaii Photos

Haida Gwaii Staycation Blog #1

In the upcoming weeks, we will feature a number of 'Staycation' ideas for Haida Gwaii residents (as well as for visitors) - we want to inspire you to explore Haida Gwaii's hidden gems!

Haida Gwaii Last Minute

Visiting or thinking about a 'staycation' on Haida Gwaii? Check out the opportunities for charters, tours, and accommodation on 'Haida Gwaii Last Minute' on Facebook! 

Our Top Five Facebook Posts of July 2014

We went back and crunched the numbers and found our top five posts of July 2014.  It is always informative to see what resonates with our followers.  They are listed in reverse order.  

Off The Grid Travel on Haida Gwaii

Photo: North Beach Cabins

Church Creek/Camping and Fishing

Photo: Marie Octaviano

Canoe Pass Camping Trip

Photo: Marie Octaviano

A Grand Opening at North Beach!

Photo: Mary Helmer

Rocking the Rainforests and Rivers of Port Clements!

Abandoned Haida Canoe - Haida Gwaii Tourism

Marine Life in Gwaii Haanas National Park

Diver in a kelp forest in Gwaii Haanas Park - Photo: Parks Canada, M. Heibert

Ancient Haida Canoe Tour

Photo: Mary Helmer

Tug Boating in Port Clements, Haida Gwaii

Photo Credit: Katie Allen

Gwaii Haanas Artist Residency Program

'Forestkeepers' by Fanny Aishaa / Photo Courtesy Parks Canada / © JASON SHAFTO/FULL MOON PHOTO

Haida Gwaii Tours - All Inclusive Packages

Are you considering a trip to Haida Gwaii? Not sure how to start / where to go / what to do? You might want to consider the option of an all inclusive package vacation and let someone else take on the stress of planning!

The Gwaii Haanas Legacy Pole Raised at Windy Bay

Parks Canada / Jason Shafto

Pole raised with carvers in front

The Gwaii Haanas Legacy Pole July 2013 Update

Parks Canada / JasonShafto

Gwaii Haanas is excited about the pole

Haida Stories

Photo Credit: Mary Helmer

The Gwaii Haanas Legacy Pole

Photo Credit: Parks Canada / Jason Shafto

Surfing Haida Gwaii


Photo: Guy Kimola / Haida Gwaii Photos

Winter Steelhead Fishing on Haida Gwaii

Photo Credit: Ian Gould

The Tlell Fall Fair

Photo Credits: Daniel Rabu

Sandspit Loggers’ Sports Day

Photo Credit: Flavien Mabit

Haida Gwaii - My Home

Photo Credit: Ian Gould

Go Haida Gwaii - A Photoblog

Photo Credit: Ian Gould

The Mexican Tom Trail

Plank road image courtesy of Port Clements Museum (http://www.portclementsmuseum.org/index.htm)

Kayak Haida Gwaii!

Photo Credit: Flavien Mabit

Why I love Masset

Photo Credit: Ian Gould

Hiking the Cape Fife Trail

Photo Credit: Flavien Mabit

Sport Fishing on Haida Gwaii

Photo Credit: Garrett Brown

Haida Weavers

Photo Credit: Sylvia Young

Mushroom Harvesting on Haida Gwaii

Photo Credit: Haida Gwaii Culinary Coop

Island Festivals






Photo Credit: S. Pryce

Skidegate Days

Photo Credit: S. Pryce

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